Word of experience


“Recalculating Route”

No need to arrange the photo shoots location six months in advance. Every day is a new day, with new circumstances and traffic. Variables such as weather and light conditions can easily become a reason to swap locations. Therefore its worth to get ready for the photo shoots not far from the venue and photo shoot in several locations along the way to the venue. It’s always possible to swap between green natural landscape and rough urbanized landscape. After the wedding you might prefer a different landscape to the one you thought before, so varying landscapes in the photo shoots is an excellent solution..


“Having A Blast”

Always be on the dance floor and dance together as much as possible. It’s also important to bring the close family to join on the dance floor. A happy wedding is one where no one sits.



“That’s What Friends Are For”

During the photo shoots it’s important to have a friend or to with you to help in any case. No need to bring all your friends from work, school and kindergarten. One good friend with a good energetic connection with the bride and groom is all you need for a successful photo shoot.



“Breaking The Glass”

Grooms, do not fear breaking the glass. If you do have any concerns about this part of the ceremony, you can and it is recommended to bring your own glass (we won’t tell).


“You’re At Your Best When You’re Comfy”

During the whole day and especially during the dancing part, it’s important that you are both comfortable. Change into a pair of comfy shoes that you are used to, and a set of comfy clothes – it will give you a great sense of comfort and the energy to dance until dawn.



“Veil Duty”

It’s advised to appoint a friend to remove the veil from your face at the end of the ceremony before the entire venue overwhelms you with hugs and kisses. Nothing is more annoying than a ruined hair-do before the first course has even been served.



“On The Way To The Rabi”

Nothing is like making mom’s and dad’s dream of walking you down the aisle come true. However, even if you’ve chosen to walk in together, it’s important that you walk down the aisle slowly, with your head held up high and big smiles on your faces. After all it is the happiest day of your lives.


“Put A Ring On It”

After the groom put the ring on his bride’s finger, its advised to move the ring to a finger from which there is no chance it’ll fall…



Photo shoots during the summer means looking for shade and escaping the sun by shooting near buildings and working right with the sunlight. No need to leave early for the photo shoot in summer, the best time for it is the afternoon and twilight so no need to get prepared for noon.


“Good Is A DJ”

You or other people approaching him with requests every few minutes are getting him out of focus and only disturb him.

The success of the venue is not measured by the time it ends. Sign the DJ when to stop the music and prevent the awkward stage of lonely few drunks on the dance floor.


“Less Is More”

No need to have the entire venue with you on the stand. Go for a spaced Chuppah with only the people closest to you. The less people there to block you, the better everyone gets to see you and the ceremony.



“Enlighten Me”

The secret to good Chuppa photos is an upraised, well lit Chuppah. Having your Chuppan on a classic stage, with the right lightning at the front, as well as good lightning on the guests will result in both guests that can see the ceremony clearly and great photos.